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About CaddyCoast and Our Founder

Origin of CaddyCoast:

Founded in 2023, CaddyCoast was born from a vision to seamlessly connect golf enthusiasts with luxury golf real estate. Our founder, with his rich background in prime central London real estate and sports broadcasting, identified a unique opportunity to enhance how golf businesses engage with their audience.

Our Founder

Our Founder's Expertise:

Starting in prime central London real estate, our founder honed his skills in understanding market dynamics and customer preferences. Transitioning into sports television as a producer for Europe’s top broadcasters, he shaped content for major golf tournaments, amassing over 32 million views globally. This journey ingrained a deep comprehension of the golfing world and how engaging content can captivate audiences.

Creating CaddyCoast:

In 2023, combining his insights from real estate and golf broadcasting, our founder launched CaddyCoast. This venture reflects his passion for golf and expertise in property marketing, aiming to bridge the gap between golfers and golf real estate.

Our Mission:

At CaddyCoast, we’re dedicated to revolutionising golf real estate marketing. Utilising targeted strategies, especially through Facebook and Instagram, we connect luxury golf properties with discerning buyers worldwide.

Be Part of Our Story:

Whether you're in the market for luxury golf real estate or seeking innovative marketing solutions in this niche, CaddyCoast is your go-to partner. Join us in this exciting venture where passion for golf meets expertise in luxury real estate.

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